Speaker: Svetlana Uduslivaia


Svetlana Uduslivaia  is a  head of industry research managing product based industry teams based in Chicago office of Euromonitor. Svetlana also continues to directly manage tissue & hygiene global system and research at Euromonitor International. In her previous roles with the company, Svetlana managed Euromonitor’s research program in Canada across a number of industries. 

Svetlana started her career at Euromonitor over 14 years ago as a country analyst for Canada and was located in Montreal, Quebec. Svetlana has a Master degree in Sociology from Lancaster University, UK, and Central European University (Hungary) and a Bachelor Degree in History from Moldova State University.


Senior Management Symposium

Global Tissue Markets in 2017 and beyond: realities, challenges and opportunities in the increasingly-complex demand side of the marketplace

10 April 2017, 13:15 – 13:40

Tissue products in the developed markets continue to face a number of challenges, from saturation and slow population growth that affect retail sales to structural changes that impact the away-from-home channels. At the same time, the emerging and developing regions offer a significant potential for further expansion. With estimated unmet global tissue potential at well over 15 million tonnes in retail alone, the global marketplace offers a solid platform for the future industry growth.

However, in the increasingly complex and diverse world of consumer and away-from-home tissue marketplace, the realities, challenges and opportunities for growth vary from market to market and require careful assessment on regional and country level to ensure product development, marketing and distribution strategies adequately reflect the needs and preferences of the changing at-home consumer and away-from-home user.

• This Euromonitor presentation will reveal the key global tissue trends and the fastest growing tissue markets, including the expected performance through 2021. The presentation will discuss key demand drivers that shape current and expected performance.

• The presentation will contrast markets in Western Europe and Eastern Europe, with analysis of demand drivers as well as category and product trends across retail and institutional channels

• The presentation will take a look at China – currently the world largest tissue market, assessing risks and opportunities for the future industry growth in the country

• Last but not least, the presentation will review trends in private label. PL continues to play a significant role in the developed markets, and the presentation will contrast the state of private label in North America and Western Europe. Additionally, comments will be made concerning the recent trend of private label gaining traction in some of the key developing tissue markets, such as Russia and Brazil.