Conference Theme

Change is the only constant, but where is the tipping point?

Everybody loves progress...  But nobody likes change

The two phenomena are completely interrelated. That doesn’t mean that all change is progress, but all progress must involve change.

Many tissue companies are today at an important crossroads or tipping point where they must accurately assess potential changes. This may well determine if they will drive down the road into a commodity trap of low returns or, instead, move ahead on a different forward-thinking path based on new ideas for profitably growing their business.

Excellent Learning Opportunity and key takeaways:
Tissue World isn’t just a show but an invaluable experience for all tissue makers and converters looking for new ideas, new technology, new ways of operating and new approaches to improve their business. 

Whether you are a Senior Executive, a mid-Level Manager or a Machine Operator, the spectrum of topics covered by over 30 international industry experts during the 3-days conference will provide you with insight and knowledge to boost your tissue operations.

To give you a glimpse of the preliminary program, here are the current, relevant topics to be covered by top professionals at the Senior Management Symposium* which will take place on Monday, 10 April:

  • Economic Outlook: the good, the bad and the ugly
    Andrea Boltho, Emeritus Fellow,  Magdalen College, University of Oxford, UK

  • The Circular Economy and Hygiene Products: how it's all connected
    Kersti Strandqvist,  Senior VP Sustainability,  SCA, Sweden

  • Managing for Sustainable Growth: as a company, and as an industry
    Luigi Lazzareschi,  CEO,  Sofidel Group, Italy

  • Accelerating globalization in the Tissue Business via new players and growing intercontinental trade flows
    Esko Uutela,  Principle-Tissue,  RISI, Germany

  • Global Tissue Markets in 2017 and beyond: realities, challenges and opportunities in the increasingly-complex demand side of the marketplace
    Svetlana Uduslivaia, Head of Industry Research, Euromonitor International, USA

  • The Retailer’s Power: a major buyer’s view on market developments
    Patrick Boateng,  Senior Buyer for Tissue Paper Products,  Major Supermarket, USA

  • Finished Products Trend: multi-solutions for multi-shoppers
    Fernanda Accorsi, Trade Marketing & Retail Expert, FA RETAIL - Content & Solution, Spain 

  • Softness: the holy grail of tissue products and how it can help you
    Wes McConnell,  CEO,  Frameworxs Analytics, USA

  • Rolling Along: developments with the jumbo roll trade today
    Scott Griffin,  Director Tissue Sales,  Central National Gottesman, USA

  • Pulp: 70% of your tissue costs, but what's happening in the pulp market?
    Pierre Bach, Hawkins Wright, UK

On Tuesday morning, 11 April, the conference sessions will start with the hands-on Yankee Operations and Energy Optimisation Session.

Later, starting in the afternoon of Tuesday, 11 April, as well as Wednesday 12 April, the conference agenda will continue with the Technical Sessions: the impact of Industry 4.0 in tissue manufacturing, strength properties and energy savings, product novelties and many more tissue industry relevant topics will be covered.

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