• Andrea Boltho
    Andrea Boltho

    Emeritus Fellow
    Magdalen College, University of Oxford, UK

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  • Esko Uutela
    Esko Uutela

    RISI, Germany

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  • Fernanda Accorsi
    Fernanda Accorsi

    Trade Marketing and Retail Expert
    FA Retail - Content and Solution, Spain

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  • Hugh O'Brian
    Hugh O'Brian

    The Tissue Story

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  • Mario Forte
    Mario Forte

    Customer Quality Director Global Hygiene Supply Tissue AfH
    SCA Hygiene Products GmbH, Germany

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  • Luigi Lazzareschi
    Luigi Lazzareschi

    Sofidel Group, Italy

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  • Patrick Boateng
    Patrick Boateng

    Senior Buyer for Tissue Paper Products
    Major Supermarket, USA

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  • Pierre Bach
    Pierre Bach

    Research Manager
    Hawkins Wright, UK

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  • Scott Griffin
    Scott Griffin

    Director, Tissue Sales 
    Central Nation Gottesman, USA

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  • Roberto Berardi
    Roberto Berardi

    European Tissue Symposium, Belgium

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  • Svetlana Uduslivaia
    Svetlana Uduslivaia

    Head of Tissue & Hygiene Industry
    Euromonitor International, USA

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  • Wes McConnell
    Wes McConnell

    Ph.D., CEO
    Frameworxs Analytics, USA

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  • Adriano Lazzini
    Adriano Lazzini

    General Manager
    PMPOWER, Italy

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  • Andrea Friedrich
    Andrea Friedrich

    Key Account Director for Pulp and Paper Industry
    ISRA Parsytec, Germany

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  • Angela Knight
    Angela Knight

    Platform Launch Manager, Tissue and Towel , Wet Strength , Dry Strength  Strategic Account Manager
    Solenis Switzerland GmbH, Switzerland

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  • Ann-Charlotte Jansson
    Ann-Charlotte Jansson

    Expert Pulp & Paper
    Linde AG, Germany

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  • Benjamin H. Drummond
    Benjamin H. Drummond

    Senior Engineer Paper Market;
    Spraying Systems Co., Canada

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  • Benoit Fecamp
    Benoit Fecamp

    Global Tissue Market Development Manager,
    Solar Turbines Power Generation, Switzerland

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  • Bibiana Rubini
    Bibiana Rubini

    Product Development Coordinator
    Fibria, Brazil

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  • Bernhard Kohl
    Bernhard Kohl

    Vice President Project Sales
    Voith Paper, Germany

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  • Bruno Celestino Fabiano
    Bruno Celestino Fabiano

    Development Engineer
    Engefaz Group, Brazil

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  • Chad Martin
    Chad Martin

    Forming Product Business Leader & Global Innovation Leader
    AstonJohnson, USA

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  • Claudio Bianucci
    Claudio Bianucci

    Plant Manager
    Papergroup, Italy

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  • Clemens Stortelder
    Clemens Stortelder

    Paper Grade Tissue Manager
    Albany International, Netherlands

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  • Danilo Calamari
    Danilo Calamari

    Technology Manager Paper Mill
    Lucart S.p.A, Italy

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  • Erwin Walcher
    Erwin Walcher

    Sales and Services Manager Yankees
    Andritz AG, Austria

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  • Eugenio Cavallini
    Eugenio Cavallini

    Ecol Studio, Italy

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  • Francesco Maltagliati
    Francesco Maltagliati

    Chief Customer Service Officer
    Fabio Perini, Italy

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  • Gary S. Furman
    Gary S. Furman

    Corporate Scientist
    Nalco, USA

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  • Giovacchino Giurlani
    Giovacchino Giurlani

    Head of Technology and FuturaLab
    Futura, Italy

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  • Graham Toft
    Graham Toft

    Owner, Paper Technics, UK

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  • Ian Padley
    Ian Padley

    Marketing Manager Tissue
    BTG Eclepens SA, UK

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  • Jan Achtermann
    Jan Achtermann

    Global Grade Owner Tissue
    Voith Paper, Germany

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  • Jean Desharnais
    Jean Desharnais

    Director Applications, Sales & Marketing
    ENERQUIN AIR, Canada

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  • John Holton
    John Holton

    Yankee Operations and Energy Optimisation Session Moderator
    BTG, USA

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  • Jonathan Roberts
    Jonathan Roberts

    Pryor Roberts Communications

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  • Jukka Lehto
    Jukka Lehto

    Managing Director and CEO
    Runtech Systems Oy, Finland

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  • Laslo Monte
    Laslo Monte

    Sales Director Tissue EMEA
    Voith Paper Fabric & Roll Systems GmbH & Co KG, Austria

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  • Magnus Bengtsson
    Magnus Bengtsson

    Development Manager Corporate Development
    Duni AB, Sweden

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  • Marco Bucchi
    Marco Bucchi

    Sales Manager, S.A
    Cristini, USA

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  • Mark Lewis
    Mark Lewis

    Sustainable Fiber Technologies, USA

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  • Mark S. Christopher
    Mark S. Christopher

    Manager Marketing Communications Buckman Europe, Middle East, N. Africa
    Buckman, Belgium

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  • Martina Stefanon
    Martina Stefanon

    Business Development Director for Services Innovation
    TMC, Italy

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  • Mattias Drotz
    Mattias Drotz

    Tissue Cluster Manager
    RISE Bioeconomy, Sweden

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  • Maurizio Tomei
    Maurizio Tomei

    Sales and Technical Engineer
    Oradoc S.r.l., Italy

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  • Paolo Della Negra
    Paolo Della Negra

    Manager of Sales Department
    Valmet, Sweden

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  • Philipp Salmannshofer
    Philipp Salmannshofer

    Press Optimization & Application Manager, EMEA
    Huyck.Wangner / Xerium, USA

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  • Pierre Noé
    Pierre Noé

    Managing Partner
    CP-Partners, Geneva, Switzerland

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  • Rob Williams
    Rob Williams

    Energy Optimised Ltd, Europe

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  • Rony Michelini
    Rony Michelini

    Sales Application Engineer
    Recard, Italy

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  • Stefano Marenco
    Stefano Marenco

    R&D Director
    Toscotec Spa, Italy

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  • Thomas Scherb
    Thomas Scherb

    Director Tissue South America
    ANDRITZ AG, Austria

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  • Tuomo Niemi
    Tuomo Niemi

    Technical Sales Manager 
    Metsä Fibre GmBH, Finland

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  • Veljko Zlatanović
    Veljko Zlatanović

    Head of R&D Department TCS
    STAX Technologies, Serbia

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  • Vladimir Grigoriev
    Vladimir Grigoriev

    Sr. Manager, Business & Application Development
    Kemira, Germany

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  • William Nelson
    William Nelson

    Elettric80 Inc & Elettric 80 S de RL, USA

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