Speaker: Mario Forte


Mario Forte, chemical Engineer with 11 years of experience in 3M working in process and quality for various manufacturing plants.

Six Sigma black Belt certified and since 2008 in SCA Hygiene Products working in quality and Safety on a global level.

Senior Management Symposium 

The circular economy and hygiene products: How it’s all connected

10 April 2017, 09:55 – 10:20

Today’s linear “take, make, dispose” economic model relies on large quantities of cheap, easily accessible materials and energy, and is a model that is reaching its physical limits. Dame Ellen MacArthur of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation has outlined the concept of the Circular economy as the attractive and viable alternative to the linear economy. A circular economy is a continuous positive development cycle that preserves and enhances natural capital, optimizes resource yields, and minimizes system risks by managing finite stocks and renewable flows.

How is the model of a circular economy relevant for a Hygiene business model? With a life cycle perspective, it soon becomes obvious that Tissue and Personal Care products makers meet both opportunities and challenges. Renewable raw material is clearly on the pro side, whereas the pulp, paper and tissue making processes will meet challenges and needs innovative re-thinking. Customer and consumer waste has to be addressed both by policy makers and the manufacturers.