Speaker: Fernanda Accorsi

Fernanda Accorsi   is a retail expert and content researcher, enthusiastic about the purchase process and the shopper’s behavior.

She has developed multichannel strategies and innovative in-store marketing projects at globally known tissue corporations such as Kimberly-Clark, Melhoramentos CMPC, Santher and Navigator. She combines her knowledge in sales, marketing and trade marketing to emerge with cross-channel and hands-on solutions, drawing from her experiences with diverse cultures in the US, LATAM, EU and the UK.

She also creates and implements customized Merchandising programs for companies in order to enhance their team performance in the POS.
Senior Management Symposium

Finished Product Trends: multi-solutions for multi-shoppers

10 April 2017, 14:05 – 14:30

Multi-channel strategies are crucial because the shopper is multi-tasking, they purchase online and offline at the same time, using other shopper’s previous references and experiences. Being loyal to a brand does not negate the shopper´s desire of trying another brand, or the possibility of combining different options. The reality is that a variety of products and brands can be complementary to each other to achieve 100% of the target satisfaction.

The level of customization is more accurate than ever, and each company has opportunities in the market. Every culture, channel, retail chain, and even every single store requires a very specific and customized portfolio.

We will discuss the best practices and solutions for brands to identify and manage their roles in the segment.