Focus Report: Western Europe

Fast changing market conditions and economics, price fluctuations,  demanding and changing consumer  buying habits coupled with flat demand - the Western European tissue market is facing a wide ranging set of challenges over the next few years. 

Tissue World’s authoritative Focus Report on Western Europe will bring you the latest in-depth analysis on these  changing dynamics, which present as much opportunity for the industry as they do challenges. 

When faced with this environment, our report offers you in-depth articles  and interviews with key players in the tissue industry. Read about the decisions your peers are making in our unique and up-to-date insight. 

Our report will help you keep abreast of the  trends that are crucial to help your business make informed decisions in the years ahead.  

The hard copy of the report will be given for free to visitors and conference delegates of Tissue World Milan who complete their online registration by 14 February 2017. 


Focus Report Preview Articles: