Speaker: Manoel Neves


Manoel Neves has over 32 years of experience in business consulting and engineering projects in the areas of pulp and paper, fertilizers, mining, renewable energy and wood products. His expertise extends to business strategies, market opportunities, site location studies and conceptual engineering studies in Brazil and some South American Countries.


1 June 2017

Sanitary paper consumption was more than five points above GDP in 2016

Analysis by Pöyry, a Finnish multinational consultancy and engineering services company, reveals that the consumption of Tissue Paper in Brazil in 2016 was 1,121 million tons, which corresponds to a growth of 2% in relation to the previous year, and more of five percentage points above the Brazilian GDP. The Brazilian per capita consumption was 5.4 kilos in 2016. Although this volume represents a 30% increase since 2010, tissue consumption in Brazil is still below countries like Chile (12 kg / year / hab) and the United States (25 kg / year / hab). The results verified by the consulting firm confirm the existence of a strong correlation between the income levels and the consumption of sanitary papers and are compatible with the urbanization process and the increase of the consumption pattern of the Brazilian population, which can be verified, by the small decrease registered in the last two years. Analysis of Supply and Demand and its projections, also considering logistics aspects and price evolution will be presented. The main conclusions and the main opportunities for this market will be highlighted.