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Speaker: Francesco Maltagliati

Francesco Maltagliati has 18 years of experience in Multinational Companies most of them passed as Customer Service Director.

From 2013 Chief Customer Service Officer of Fabio Perini Company and General Manager of the Packaging division. Degree in Electronic Engineering in 1998 at the Politecnico of Milan, Italy. 
Technical Session 1: Industry 4.0 - Computerisation of smart manufacturing for the future of today

Comprehensive remote support

11 April 2017, 14:20 – 14:40

Today we are on the verge of a deep change, characterized by process transformation and by Industry 4.0, a revolution of intelligent systems where machines, products and people are inter-connected.

The right equipment must be backed with the expertise and speed of response of a team that can offer a genuinely comprehensive support service.

Dealing with technical service inside countries difficult to reach, training junior technicians in order to operate correctly and efficiently with the technology and process, managing in the meantime both converting and packaging equipment, as well as electrical and mechanical issues, are all examples of how this innovative device can simplify day by day activities, improve efficiency and growth.

This is what the Tissue industry is experiencing nowadays thanks to WeAreAble, the video, data, and audio-voice helmet that enhances the remote service support as never before.

Above all, one of the first interventions on a converting line for a customer with a lack in machinery know-how: the replacement of a drive and and engine tuning, using the helmet through the guide of an experienced technician based in the Fabio Perini Technical Center.