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Guglielmo Biagiotti


Guglielmo Biagiotti
Tissue Converting Expert
BMT S.r.l., Italy

Guglielmo Biagiotti was born in Lucca the 29th of January 1946. He graduated in Mechanical Engineering and in 1972 developed a long collaboration with Fabio Perini S.p.A. which lasted until 2007, always involved in development of special machines and prototypes he was named inventor in over 850 patents.

Twice a year he gave lectures on Converting Technology in Karlstadt University in Sweden for its Masters course in paper technology.

Since 2007 he has continued developing new ideas and gives direct and indirect consultancy in designing new machines and prototypes for important machine producers in the tissue and NW field.

Technical Session 1 - Converting
A new product with innovation at its heart
Nobody has ever even considered the possibility of bathroom tissue, kitchen towel rolls or any tissue roll product, wound on a core made from the same tissue paper, recycled fibers, bamboo or other raw materials usually associated only with the tissue paper itself. Until now: Welcome to the ideal core.

This is real innovation in practice. The main advantages of TISSUCORE are:
• It creates a superior quality, attractive roll
• Unlike coreless solutions, it allows any roll density to be created
• It is fully repulpable
• It is fully sustainable
• It simplifies the production process
• The technology can be installed on new or existing tissue roll converting line
• It reduces cutting blade costs
• The finished product can be 100 percent usable in both towel and bathroom tissue applications – no waste for the user to manage
• Waste taxation duties will no longer be due, where they are applicable
• And many more…

The direct cost of making TISSUCORE could be moderately increased compared with a traditional core, but the benefits outweigh this because the superior roll will offer value-added to the customer, and the production process will be cleaner, more efficient and better-adapted to the sustainable goals of the industry.