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High-end, high-speed Handkerchief Lines with folding module from one hand – Made by SENNING


Today, SENNING is the one and only company worldwide, offering complete high end handkerchief lines. SENNING provides folding, single wrapping, taping and bundle wrapping from one hand. The complete high-speed handkerchief lineMADE IN GERMANY by SENNING in Bremen.

SENNING’s in-house design shop has created a completely new folding module featuring latest technology, combined with a bundle of innovative developments to realize perfect handkerchief stacks at high speed of 8500 handkerchiefs per minute.


Longitudinal cutting and folding station of Production Machine S.PM 820 for handkerchiefs. The web, arriving from the parent roll, is cut into four lanes. Afterwards, each lane will be cross cut and folded by means of vacuum rollers, creating the final handkerchief.


Thinking ahead, SENNING develops solutions for increasing production availability and efficiency of the machine, e.g. auto-splicers for tissue web and wrapping film.

SENNING ‘s customer-oriented design leads to a considerable decreasing of machine downtimes and to cost savings for the machine users.

SENNING’s embossing units employ all modern embossing options, like matched steel (Union) or pin to flat.

Moreover, the SENNING line, as the only line in the world, offers a double embossing station for a quick and easy change of the embossing system/and or pattern. Automatic embossing adjustment on the run is a standard feature.

Changing counts per single pack by push button, without any further mechanical adjustments or replacement of parts allows total flexibility even at a high-speed handkerchief line.

Several web control systems allow permanent quality control and continuous readjustments during production process.

The tissue business is tough, but with SENNING handkerchief lines you may be sure to be always a step ahead. This is our promise after 70 years of experience in the tissue market.

Trust the leader in Tissue Wrapping! Come to us, talk to us on our booth no. E-110 and find out how we can make your product even more attractive for your customers.