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John Pugliano


John Pugliano
Investable Wealth LLC, USA

John Pugliano is the author of The Robots are Coming: A Human's Survival Guide to Profiting in the Age of Automation. John is also the founder and money manager at Investable Wealth, LLC. His circuitous career path included military service as both enlisted and officer; a corporate career in industrial sales; and finally a late blooming entrepreneur. John has an M.S. in Systems Management from the University of Southern California and a B.S. in Environmental Science & Engineering from Penn State.

Senior Mangement Symposium
Brave New World of Tissue
Popular buzzwords are: Industry 4.0, IoT, digitization, automation, and robotics. Will these innovations lead to a Fourth Industrial Revolution or is it all just hype? Regardless of the hyperbole, transformation is taking place. Disruption is apparent across diverse industries, from Uber to shale oil. Depending on one’s perspective, the consequences could be either an opportunity or a threat. What will be the near-term impact on the Tissue industry? A direct threat from an alternative new innovation that leads to tissue obsolescence is unlikely. However, complacency is a dubious strategy, as evident from the diminishing geopolitical role of OPEC. The rate of technological adoption and its impact on manufacturing and consumer behaviour are all unknowns. Success will be achieved by the creative risk takers that venture into this brave new world. Irrespective of your current thoughts on how Industry 4.0 will affect the Tissue industry, this presentation will challenge you to ask the question: Am I prepared for the robotic future?