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Jonathan Roberts


Jonathan Roberts
Pryor Roberts Communications

Jonathan Roberts is a communications consultant to the paper and fiber industry. He set up Pryor Roberts Communications in 1999 having worked as a journalist for PPI in Brussels for several years. His client base is focused in Sweden and Italy.

Conference Chair and Moderator
Technical Session 1 - Converting
Technical Session 4 - Innovations & Industry 4.0
Message from the Conference Chair

I have had the privilege of moderating at many Tissue World events around the world and Tissue World Milan 2019 has a particularly strong pull for me.

The "dawning of a new decade” is arbitrary in one sense – a year is only a number - but we really are at a crossroads in many ways.

We are being challenged regarding the sustainability of our entire business model, about how we transact with the consumer, communicate our messages and trade with different countries. Long-held assumptions are shifting and “disruption” is essential management speak.

So I am intrigued to hear from our keynote speaker, Essity's CEO Magnus Groth, with his perspective heading up a business with a long tissue pedigree, and to contrast this with Nuno Santos from a relative newcomer to tissue, the Navigator Company. This sets the tone for the Senior Management Symposium day of the conference, where analysis of markets and resources sits alongside more left-field positions on digital transformation and taking on the industry’s critics.

With so much at stake, it has never been more important for this event to be a dialogue – with delegates’ reactions and opinions being an essential dimension to the event’s success. This is why live polling is a key part of Tissue World Milan 2019.

Be there and have your say!