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Marcus Hellberg


Marcus Hellberg
Sales Director
Södra Cell International, Italy

Marcus Hellberg is sales director Italy at Södra Cell, based in Milan. He joined the company in 2007 and is also one of Södra’s 50,000 forest owners. Previous roles at Södra include head of marketing and business development, in which capacity he was based at the head office in Växjö, Sweden, until August 2018. Prior to that he was head of the Tissue & Board business area. Hellberg began his career at Unilever in the consumer goods sector. He has an MBA focused on marketing/marketing management from Växjö University in Sweden.

Senior Management Symposium
Targeting the consumer with a sustainability message
Are you a hero of your industry? When choosing paper products which originate from sustainable forestry that’s exactly what you are – and so are the consumers who buy paper-based products day-in day-out.

Södra knows its customers very well and communicates with them regularly one-to-one. But its messages about sustainability are for a far wider audience. Everyone in this industry knows the credentials of wood-based materials when responsibly sourced. Further down the value chain, however, it is a very different story, where misleading messages about wood are heard more clearly than the sustainable reality. And this is why the Act of a Hero social media campaign deliberately reached beyond even Södra’s customers’ customers.

The key combination was the collaborative work with two key customers from the tissue and speciality paper sectors and sophisticated marketing tools which ensured a precise target market. The results exceeded all expectations. The strong message about the heroism of apparently mundane daily choices provoked curiosity, which was the main ambition from the start.

More than 4.3 million impressions have been registered so far since mid-May 2018 when the Hero campaign was launched, generating well over 800,000 views of the highly-engaging videos created for the project. It has turned the conventional wisdom of marketing in this sector on its head.