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Michael Jackson


Michael Jackson
Global Professional Speaker
South Africa

Michael Jackson has over 30 years of strategic business, marketing and communications experience. Born in Britain, then London educated and trained in business strategy development and communication, he has worked personally for business leaders such as Richard Branson and Bill Gates, as well many other leading global businesses such as Qatar Airways, HP, Goodyear and Barclays.

Michael has the ability to consistently and successfully predict and detail changing market performances, trends and consumer behaviour with unerring accuracy for companies, industries and markets around the world.

Senior Management Symposium
It’s all about: The Economy, Trees & People
In this presentation Michael delivers a software update for the brain, showing us how to refocus our thinking, in order to match up with the modern workplace and new markets. Be prepared to learn how to break old habits which unconsciously prohibit growth and change, and how to find focus on new learnings regarding people, process and performance.