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Teresa White


Teresa White
Partners in Retail, UK

Teresa White has over 25 years of experience working at Board level for high street retailers, consumer brands and manufacturers. She advises on strategy, performance improvement and business growth with a focus on helping companies adapt to changes in customer behaviour and market dynamics.

Having started her brand marketing career in the tissue industry with Mölnlycke and Bowater*Scott (now Kimberley Clark), Teresa spent many years working on major food and toiletries brands before moving into retail where she has helped to reinvent mature brands and launch innovative start-ups, by developing clear customer focused brand strategies.

Senior Management Symposium
Structural change in retail - standing strong on shifting ground
Teresa will take us on a quick tour of the major changes in the retail sector – from the impact of digital disruption and changing market economics to the next wave of change around the corner. How are retailers adapting? Who are standing strong and why? How is customer shopper behaviour changing? What will be the impact of changing attitudes to environmental issues? What do brands and suppliers need to do to keep pace?