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Tomi Amberla


Tomi Amberla
Pöyry Management Consulting, Finland

Mr Tomi Amberla is a Principal and head of the Biorefining practise area within Pöyry Management Consulting. He joined Pöyry in 2007, and is currently based in Helsinki, Finland. In his work at Pöyry, Tomi has focused on market research and strategic analyses broadly across the global pulp, paper, packaging and tissue industries. Tomi is a graduate from University of Helsinki with a Master of Science in Forest Products Marketing and Industrial Management.

Senior Management Symposium
Is the global pulp shortage going to continue?
Global pulp market has maintained a strong tailwind for the past couple of years, resulting in a robust 50% price increase from early-2017 to late-2018. The bullish market was supported by a steady demand growth, however, also by the major unexpected production losses hitting the global pulp market balance. Furthermore, factors such as RCP import restrictions in China have generated major uncertainties to the global fibre dynamics, overall.

With the current prices pulp represents ~70% of the virgin tissue jumbo reel manufacturing costs, and approximately 50% of the converted product costs. Thus, the high pulp prices represent a major challenge for global tissue industry. What is the outlook of global pulp markets towards end of 2019, and beyond? How fast the demand continues to grow, and how will the supply adjust to the growing demand? What are the new pulp projects coming on stream, and when? Are we likely to see further large scale production losses, and how will the market react to these?