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Andrew McNab


Andrew McNab
EMEA Market Manager, Tissue & Towel
Solenis, UK

Andrew McNab was born and educated in the UK. Attending John Dalton College in Manchester and achieving a BSc. (Hons) in Applied Chemistry. Currently located in the UK just outside of Manchester. He has previously been employed as a Research Chemist, within the Chemical Industry, and has since worked in the Tissue industry for over 25 years.

Andrew McNab has worked for both Tissue producers in the UK, as Mill Chemist, and Technical Manager, and chemical suppliers to the industry in both Sales and Technical roles.

He is currently the EMEA Market Manager for Tissue & Towel, in Solenis.

Enhancing Processes, Saving Energy and Costs
Challenges In Yankee Coating Performance and Optimisation

In recent times a great deal of research and development into more sophisticated Yankee coating chemistries has taken place, and as a result, coating performance has improved accordingly. However, having the correct chemistry on the Yankee is only part of the solution and often problems experienced in machine performance or tissue quality are rooted elsewhere.

An area often overlooked in the manufacture of tissue is the effect of wet conditions and how these can affect Yankee coating performance, and indeed many of the functional attributes the tissue maker wishes to impart into the final product. With increasing environmental pressures, very low levels of fresh water consumption are changing wet end conditions on machines and also impacting Yankee coating performance.

The paper will look at how Yankee coating performance can be impacted by wet end chemistry and how these effects can influence paper quality and machine performance. We will then look at solutions to these problems and demonstrate how the Yankee coating can be optimized to eliminate wet end effects for maximum softness and machine efficiency.