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Arvid Johansson


Arvid Johansson
Concept Manager, Dry Crepe Tissue, Valmet, Sweden

Arvid Johansson has held several different technical roles in Valmet. In 2010 Arvid moved to China and work with Tissue engineer in Valmet´s Xián office. In 2012 Arvid joined the R&D department at Valmet and has been deeply involved in the development of AdvantageTM ReTurneTM and AdvantageTM NTTTM. Since 2015 Arvid is Concept Manager for Dry Crepe Tissue at Valmet.
Arvid holds a University degree in Mechanical engineering from Karlstad University.

Technical Sessions
How A Combination Of Advantage Technologies Enable Increased Dryness, Production And Product Quality

The introduction of the flexible Advantage ViscoNip press has changed the view of what pressing can achieve in the tissue making process. Today pressing is not only a way to remove water from the web. By utilizing the flexibility built in the adjustable pressing element you can significantly reduce drying energy and improve bulk, softness and uniformity. The ViscoNip press has become standard in new installations but has also proven to be a good way to save energy and increase capacity by rebuilds of existing tissue machines.

The Advantage ReDry™ web heater use exhaust heat from the Yankee hood to increase the pressing temperature, reduce water viscosity and improve press dryness.

Results from recent rebuilds of the pressing section, have exceeded the expectations showing significant capacity increase and savings in drying energy as well as paper quality improvements. The key for the results comes from the synergy effect gained when combining the ViscoNip press and the ReDry web heater. The flexible press has a unique ability to adapt to the Yankee dryer shell and is boosted by the heating of the web which will increase post pressure consistency.

These features are fully integrated in the Valmet DNA platform with Industrial Internet advanced capabilities for data analysis, performance optimization and remote assistance.

In this speech, we will explain the technology behind and bring examples of how the solution has been realized and what can be achieved.