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Enrico Zino


Enrico Zino
Head of Marketing BA Tissue
Fabio Perini S.p.A., Italy

Enrico Zino has a degree in mechanical engineering and MBA, he started his professional career in 2002 with ABB where he covered different roles predominantly in global Marketing and Sales. He joined Fabio Perini in 2017 as Head of Marketing of BA Tissue and will contribute to implement the digital transformation of the group companies.

Technical Sessions
Digital Disruptive Technologies

The true added value today, in the era of Industry 4.0, for the Tissue industry as a whole, is managing the complete production process. Fabio Perini’s Industry 4.0 has its own name and its own interpretation called Digital Tissue™, where concepts such as Smart Factory, Big Data analysis, Smartification of production processes are so central that the company’s research and investments are increasingly focused on their development.

Digital Tissue™ is about understanding customers’ production requirements to suit their needs. Fabio Perini is the only company worldwide that produces complete lines by integrating converting and packaging machinery, therefore optimizing efficiency, reducing costs and maximizing the finished product quality when creating the process and product together with the customer.

The challenge that Fabio Perini has set for itself is to complete its current portfolio by developing and integrating the Industry 4.0 context, so for the coming years it will concentrate its efforts on developing digital solutions that help customers increment production efficiencies and make them capable of vertically integrating their processes and of horizontally integrating them with their value chain.