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Klaus Gissing


Klaus Gissing
Director TIAC & Air and Energy Systems

Klaus Gissing graduated in Mechanical engineering from the Technical High School in Graz in 1978 and obtained an MBA from PEF University Vienna in 2006. He joined ANDRITZ AG as Design Engineer in 1979. In 1988 he was Project Manager until 1995 where Gissing was appointed Head of Product Group Air Systems until 2007. From 2008-2017, he was Vice President Product Group Tissue Machines and Air Systems. Since January 2018 he is Director TIAC and Air & Energy Systems.

Technical Sessions
Tissue Pilot Plant – One Machine, Various Configurations

The ANDRITZ PrimeLineTIAC Tissue Innovation and Application Center, in Graz, Austria, comprises a complete, state-of-the-art tissue production line, including laboratory facilities for tests and trials to develop new products and processes for the tissue industry. It is available to tissue producers and suppliers, research and development companies, and universities.

The pilot tissue machine at the ANDRITZ Tissue Innovation and Application Center (TIAC) is, unlike any other in the world, offering the utmost flexibility: Dry-creped tissue can be produced on a vertical CrescentFormer with either a suction roll or shoe press (the PrimePress XT Evo, the latest shoe press technology available). Textured tissue can be produced by a new, patented Textured Module. For structured tissue, wet molding creates a 3D arrangement of the fibers that is preserved by means of Through-Air Drying (TAD), and Advanced TAD. The machine can be configured with different TAD arrangements to investigate impacts on energy consumption.

The PrimeLineTIAC has already proven to be a birthplace of new products and processes. A place were not only tissue producers, but also suppliers and R&D institutes can come to fine-tune their products.