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Maja Mejsner


Maja Mejsner
Vice President Business Development & Marketing
PMP Group, Poland

Maja Mejsner graduated from Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland earning Engineering Degree in Mechanics in 2001. She joined PMP (Paper Machinery Producer) the same year.

At present she holds a position of Vice President Business Development & Marketing and leads a team responsible for customer care, PMP brand identity and fueling business growth. She is passionate about coaching and public speaking. In 2015 she joined Tappi PIMA Women in Industry Division (USA) to actively support women in their career development.

Women in Tissue Business Forum

Keynote Speech

Love life. Discover. Win. The science of breaking out of a comfort zone

When couple of years ago NASA discussed a team model that would conquer Mars, their conclusion was: only a mixed team women and men together was the best solution. For ages, diversity is a driver for development and innovation.

What is a benchmark of our industry, that is a male dominated industry? According to Tappi Women in Industry Division there are 15% women in the American Pulp and Paper industry. When we take the entire world into account, this number goas even lower. I believe, as the industry, we are ambitious people and we do want to develop and grow – so a key for success is diversity and to inspire one another.

What can we do to attract young females to the tissue industry and help us all to build its future together with their male-colleagues? How to make them feel: they can, be ready to overcome stereotypes and catch wind in sails? I truly believe that the best way is to become an example and maintain a creative dialogue to inspire one another.

When 17 years ago I decided to join the Pulp & Paper industry and ties my life to it (I was hired by PMP – Paper Machinery Producer that is still my employer), I was driven by curiosity about the world and people as well as passion for technology and creation (I am a mechanical engineer). Well, my personality and, so called, fire in the belly were my ammunition. I must admit that so far I was lucky to meet great people on my way who every day motivated me to strive for higher aims and to follow my dreams. Our industry grows continuously and stimulates all of us for further development. We need to educate ourselves all the time and stay open on changes. In addition, there are so many differences between regions, cultures as well as the industry segments. I need to stay focused and play different roles: a female leader in a male dominated industry, a female - discoverer who experience various cultures and face stereotypes, a female – team boss, a female – mentor & coach, a female-wife and mother, a female-college and finally a – female human being with passions and energy.

My career achievements are a direct result of my tenacity and systematic work as well as people who support me every day. I am grateful to my parents, my husband & son, my former and current bosses, my colleagues and my team members who have created development conditions and enabled me to discover my talents. I feel also grateful for all those who were not supportive because they defined new challenges for me. They taught me how to fight in the face of adversity and implement a rule: never give up. Every time I had to find a solution to show that it is possible and that I can do it. Reaching dreams is only possible when we break out of a comfort zone. When we add a tiny speck of spunk and determination, a trail to Everest is opened. A worklife balance: your family, your work and yourself help to collect energy for action.

As we do not like advices, my idea during my speech is to focus on roles I play every day and share some ideas/tools I use that help me to be successful in an international environment.

I am taking a task to provide ingredients for a receipt for a successful female in the tissue business and a female or male leader. A blend of them will be prepared by the audience later on. Be ready to aim for the stars to reach a moon.

Panel Discussion
Women from different leadership roles and backgrounds within the tissue industry will discuss a variety of engaging topics on: challenges and opportunities, glass ceiling and sticky floor, education, young professionals and much more.