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Mike Kruiniger


Mike Kruiniger
Euromonitor, UK

Mike Kruiniger is an analyst in the Middle East and Africa team at Euromonitor International. He has an MSc degree in International Management for the Middle East and North Africa from the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. As an analyst, Mike provides strategic intelligence and analysis on regional trends for various consumer goods industries across the Middle East and North Africa.

Senior Management Symposium
Discussing Unmet Potential in Retail Tissue in the Middle East and North Africa: Growth, Trends, Risks and Opportunities

This presentation will provide an overview of the global consumer tissue marketplace, placing the MENA region in its global context. Although some markets in the MENA region display a fairly high per capita consumption in retail tissue products, especially in facial tissue, the Middle East continues to evolve and offer a number of opportunities for growth, backed by the region’s estimated unmet potential of at least 3 million tonnes, or US$5 billion, in retail consumer tissue. The presentation will further highlight consumer trends in select markets and focus on growth drivers, taking into account current and potential risks for revenue growth.