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Şahin Civelek


Şahin Civelek
Converting Production and Technology Development Group Manager
Hayat Kimya San A.Ş., Turkey

Şahin Civelek graduated with Industrial Engineering degree from Çukurova University in 1999.

He has joined to Hayat Kimya Company as Converting Production Engineer in 2005. Since the beginning of Hayat Kimya production in Tissue Industry, he is heading all manufacturing and investment operations of Converting Production Division. After acting as Converting Production Manager for 6 years, he has assigned as the Converting Production and Technology Development Group Manager in 2017. All domestic and overseas Converting Investment projects of Hayat Kimya are progressing under his responsibility.

Şahin Civelek having an administration master degree at Kocaeli University can speak English fluently and takes roles in some social responsibility projects related to Education.

Technical Sessions
Optimization Of Pick Up Glue Consumption In Rewinders

Early corporations never paid much attention to the environment. It seemed to exist as a simple green background on which the important act of production took place. If any thought was directed towards it at all, it was only in regards to the raw resources that were there for the taking. No one—at least, no one in any position of power—bothered considering the lasting impact of these practices.

However, what’s done to the environment is done to all of us, and it’s time for Companies to take responsibility for a sustainable natural protection.

In this regard, Hayat Kimya is concentrating on optimizing all her material consumptions in order to deeper her contribution to the environment protection. In our presentation, you will be informed on tips of how to optimize the glue consumptions in Tissue Converting processes. While doing such optimizations, we have also considered not to the have any negative impacts on the quality of finished product and on the efficiency of production lines.

As a result, it must be our responsibility to hand over and deliver a liveable world to our children. And, this is not under the responsibility of a mankind, but also the organizations should pay more attention as well as they contribute.