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Seda Güler Mert


Seda Guler Mert
Deputy Chief Economist
Garanti Bank, Turkey

Seda Guler works as the Deputy Chief Economist at Garanti Bank, one of the top private banks in Turkey. After the integration with BBVA, she is also co-working with several teams in BBVA Research. Her current responsibilities cover specifically the macroeconomic analysis of Turkey together with the update of several econometric models and the management of the whole team including financial stability, politics & geopolitics and quantitative analysis & economic modeling.

She made a major degree in Economics and a minor degree in Mathematics at Middle East Technical University (METU), Ankara. She also made her Master’s degree in Financial Engineering at Bogazici University, Istanbul.

Senior Management Symposium
Turkey: Economic Outlook and Balance of Risks

Turkish economy proves to be the 17th largest economy in the world. Thanks to its flexibility and resistance to different types of shocks, it grew around 6% on average in the last 5 years (vs. 4.5% growth in EMEA countries). Its steadily growing young population provides strong support, while more women participate in labor force in recent years. Apart from advantages, its dependency on imports makes it more vulnerable to external shocks in terms of some collateral damage as high inflation and high current account deficit. After last year’s sizable overheating, the urgency on economic policies should be to fight against inflation and accept lower but sustainable growth targets. The level and duration of the adjustment on economy will depend on the policies of the new economy management in the short term. My presentation will try to give some clues in the more recent developments in the economy as well as its potential medium term outlook triggered by the new Medium Term Plan.