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Sevcan Ayaksız Öztürk


Sevcan Ayaksız Öztürk
Industrial Adhesive – Personal Hygiene Technical Customer Service Manager
Henkel, Turkey

Sevcan Ayaksız Öztürk is working as Technical Customer Service Manager of Personal Hygiene Industrial Adhesives at Henkel in Turkey since November 2016. She has a bachelor degree of chemistry from Istanbul Technical University and master’s degree of biotechnology from Yeditepe University. Sevcan has 8 years’ experience in research and development area and 5 years’ experience in hygiene business in Turkey. .

Technical Sessions
Food Safety In Tissue Converting Adhesives

Tissue industry is generally not the first market which is related with food safety necessities for its products, it is worth to be an attention point as this first impression can be misleading. The increasing usage of recycled tissue paper appeals the producers' attention towards food safety questions. To transform paper board and tissue paper into a functional end-product, various types of adhesives are used. Tissue products come into direct and indirect food contact everyday.

We would like to point out the importance of FDA regulation Section 21 CFR 175.105, ‘Adhesives’ which contains requirements for adhesives followed by a table with substances allowed in adhesive formulations and specific restrictions. FDA regulates food contact materials based on their composition, not on the specific process by which they are manufactured or the source of their raw materials. Recycled food contact material must meet the same regulatory specifications that virgin material is required to meet. As EU doesn‘t have harmonized legislation, these materials must comply with the appropriate laws of each EU State. In the light of these information, each producer should pay sufficient amount of importance to adhesives‘ compositional compliance to related FDA regulations for direct and indirect food contact conditions.