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Vaclav Karnet


Vaclav Karnet
Product Manager HUMIDITY Divisions

Prior to Mr. Karnet´s current role as the Product Manager of BARTEC BENKE’s division HUMIDITY Measurement, he has over 8 years’ of experience in the international business as a product and sales manager in various companies in the automation/electrical industry. Mr. Karnet is 33 years old, has a degree in Business Administration and Electrical Engineering. He joined BARTEC BENKE recently to promote BARTEC BENKE’s unique technology, when it comes to humidity measurement in tissue manufacturing processes and the related substantial energy savings this entails for the customer.

Technical Sessions
Humidity Sensors in Tissue Manufacturing - How to prevent wasteful energy input into the tissue manufacturing process

The Hygrophil H 4230 is able to precisely measure the humidity in the exhaust gases of your production process, allowing you to manage the energy (heat) input directly and precisely without having to account for an energy robbing and cost intensive energy input margin buffer.

For years now, BARTEC BENKE humidity measurement engineering has proven successful in processes with high gas temperatures and in the presence of aggressive and dusty gases. The precise recording of the high moisture levels, forms the basis for first-class production results with the most favourable level of energy consumption. The system works extractively and is therefore suitable for all process gas temperatures. The system is self-cleaning and there is no need for calibration.

The psychrometric gas humidity measurement principle (impact jet process) employed, is one of the most precise measurement principles available and is drift-free, even in corrosive gases. Using psychrometric formulas, it is possible to determine the absolute air humidity and other parameters from the difference in temperature measure by two thermometers; one immersed in a water bath, the other situated right above it.