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Enhancing hygiene tissues with a non-contact application system

Manufacturers of hygiene tissues face constantly increasing consumer demands: Paper tissues, toilet paper, napkins or cosmetic tissues are not only expected to clean nowadays but provide a better sensation on the skin, pleasant fragrance or even care properties. However, this also creates opportunities for new or stronger positioning on the market, without much effort and even with increased productivity. The non-contact precise fluid application system from WEKO offers efficient solution concepts in this area.

Toilet paper without any fragrance or cosmetic tissue without skin care substances? Many consumers may choose the competitor’s product. However, the product should still be environmentally friendly, tear-resistant, soft and, of course, budget-priced. No problem, insists Weitmann & Konrad GmbH & Co KG, (WEKO ).

The inventive company from south Germany with a long history and in close cooperation with manufacturers of additives such as lotions, balms with vitamins, perfumes or natural substances, has developed a precision system based on a proven technology: the non-contact fluid application system. This provides numerous benefits for the tissue industry:

Precision and reproducibility
Spraying discs, so called rotors displace the liquid through contactless spraying onto the product web. The rotors turn at a high speed generating a uniform stream of the finest micro-droplets accurately to give the tissue its individual properties. „The application volume can be controlled quickly and easily with extreme precision. “Because less is sometimes more – it is the effect that counts" emphasizes Thomas Laissle, product manager at WEKO. The high precision of the non-contact liquid application ensures uniform quantity and thus reproducible results every time.

Sustainable production
The defined application amount, throughout the complete range, helps the environment because resources are saved. What’s more, the application system is ideally suited for water-based chemicals; environmentally friendly liquids are therefore primarily processed. The low energy consumption of the application unit contributes an additional plus for the ecology balance.

Less strain on the tissue
The mechanical tissue strain does not come into play with the WEKO-Fluid-Application-System (WFA). There is no contact with the tissue and it is therefore handled extremely carefully. At the same time, contamination of the application chemicals with fibers and subsequent replacement is prevented.

High flexibility and user-friendliness 
The individual components can be adapted to a wide variety of plant technologies with minimal space requirements and specific for the respective application; they allow quick changing to other product formats. Chemicals are available for the wide variety of requirements. Whether spraying is applied to one or both sides, on individual or compound layers, everything is possible. "We focused in particular on ease of use and service. For example, the control panel can be installed in the control cabinet as mobile or fixed unit. The detachable rotors are easily accessible, and the precision of the application minimizes the overspray and therefore the contamination of the environment," said Thomas Laissle.

High productivity and economy
The product value of hygiene tissues can be significantly increased through the application of liquids. …and that only when manufacturing the tissue and not already during the mixing of the cellulose pulp where a great quantity gets lost by the water disposal. Even if the cellulose fibers have a lower quality, high-grade products can be manufactured this way. „This is profitable already with smaller tissue runs, because the application unit can be changed over in a short amount of time,“ ensures Laissle.

About WEKO - Weitmann & Konrad GmbH & Co. KG
The WEKO experts offer support worldwide with the choice and integration of non-contact minimum application systems into the production process. They help customers achieve clear benefits and cost advantages with the materials to be processed and/or in the process itself. Comprehensive services, such as test series at the WEKO technical centre and high WEKO service standards, complete the WEKO offering.

In addition to the main office near Stuttgart WEKO maintains two production sites in Germany and Brazil, own sales and service subsidiaries in Italy, the United Kingdom, the U.S., and Brazil. Furthermore, WEKO collaborates worldwide with agencies marketing the products and offering the proven WEKO service standard in addition.


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* Micro droplets are uniformly applied through a spraying process