Tissue World Istanbul

Tissue World Istanbul 2020 will be postponed and new dates will be secured and announced soon.

Strongly supported by the local and regional tissue industry, the show floor features leading tissue manufacturers and industry suppliers, last time accounting for over 40% of the regional tissue business. 

With its strategic location, Tissue World Istanbul provides a dedicated one-stop platform for the industry from Eastern Europe, Russia, the CIS, the Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa to meet, network and understand the intricacies involved in conducting business in such a diverse and vibrant territory.


Why Istanbul?

  • Commercially viable and strategically crucial, Turkey enjoys one of the strongest locations in Eurasia, making it the ideal meeting point for businesswa from Europe, Russia, CIS, Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa
  • Turkey has the Europe’s fifth largest tissue industry production capacity
  • Turkey’s is the world's eighth largest tissue exporter
  • The development of production technologies provides quality and product diversity
  • By 2025, an additional 19 machines are projected to be added with a production totalling 3.2 million tonnes. Turkey is expected to contribute to the largest growth, among the top 10 producing countries in Eastern and Central Europe

Tissue Industry in Turkey

Having achieved a steady growth in paper and paper products industry in the last decade, Turkey is considered to be one of the special production bases of Europe, especially in tissue paper industry. According to the Istanbul Chamber of Industry’s report of 2018, Turkey’s paper and paper products’ production volume has increased by 70%, with a production capacity expanding by 40% since 2010.

Turkey’s production capacity has substantially increased with new investments by local and foreign companies in paper industry. Attaining the 5th largest production capacity in Europe, 19% of Turkey’s total paper production consists of cleaning papers. In 2019, 910.000 tons of cleaning papers were produced with an average growth rate of 5.5% and 295.000 tons of cleaning papers were exported (Source: Pulp & Paper Industry Foundation, 2019)

There is a great number of local companies that are in leading position in tissue paper industry with manufacturing facilities and supply networks in Turkey, especially expanding throughout neighbouring geographies. Prioritizing efficient use of natural resources and protection of ecological balance, the companies utilize high technologies and modern production methods to attain the goal of sustainability. One of the primary goals of Turkish producers is to support their customers with expectedly high-quality products and innovative solutions in order to ensure sustainability for their achievements.

As an intercontinental point of junction, a business center due to its geographical position and as a door of Europe to Middle East, Turkey’s export markets in paper industry vary widely. The most important markets of the industry are the near and neighboring countries including EU countries, Middle East and Northern and Central Asian countries. Iraq, England, Israel, Iran and Greece are the 5 markets of the 10 largest markets. Egypt, Georgia, Bulgaria and Azerbaijan also rank in the first 10 near-markets. While Germany maintains its position as a traditional market in EU Countries, except for England, Italy and France rank within the first 15 markets. Libya is the largest tenth market from North Africa while Morocco and Tunis are included in the first 15 markets. (Source: Istanbul Chamber of Industry, 2018)