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Flexkon is serving with modular fleixble converyor systems globally.

Flexkon was founded on 1995. From day one, Flexkon is serving to multinational companies globally. Flexkon main active area is modular flexible conveyor system manufacturing, designing and offering turnkey solutions. Flexkon is proud to serve its customers by providing tailor-made special designs and achieving successful projects for:

•        Core conveying

•        Unpacked and Packed Roll conveying

•        Pack and Showbox conveying

•        Finished good conveying to warehouse, weighing and sorting to manual or automated palletizing.

Flexkon supply systems as;

•        Standard component form

•        Prefabricated kits ready for assembly installed turn-key systems including electrical control cabinet with PLC.

Bretting is delivering as promised to its customers.

Bretting proudly celebrates 130 years of manufacturing excellence! Technological innovations are at the center of our ever-expanding product line. Our ATOM Napkin Folder provides the ideal combination of speed and versatility for the specialty print and short-run napkin market.

Absolut, a Bretting-owned company, enhances our product line by offering paper bag making equipment, wet wipe and non-woven folding and rewinding equipment. Our continuous R&D augments our product line which provides the competitive advantage you expect from Bretting equipment.

As a World Class manufacturer, Bretting believes in one thing - delivering as promised, earning the right to be the customer’s choice.

Caran Kimya has a capacity of 80,000 tons annual production 

Starting its journey in Izmir in 2007, Caran Kimya has been producing paper chemicals, supply and technical service with its annual 80.000 tons production capacity mainly in Turkey. The company emphasised Middle East for the export market and continued to grow in 2019 in Russia and increased its export targets by starting sales to other northen countries. It is one of the Turkish leading brand in the sector that successfully representing its country globally.
Caran Kimya is representing companies mainly in Turkey, Middle East and the Balkans with its R&D units. It is working on the special papers chemicals that has not been produced in a long time in Turkey and provide new products, supply and support to local tissue manufacturers.
Creating an added value in the chemical industry; Caran Kimya is responsible to its customers, employees and society; acting with the mission of being a respected global company that constantly improves itself and aims perfection in work safety, worker health, environmental and social values ​​and performance.

Fire protection solutions for tissue manufacturing

Firefly is a Swedish company that provides industrial fire prevention and protection systems to the process industry worldwide.
Founded in 1973, Firefly has specialized in creating customized system solutions of the highest technical standards and quality.
Firefly owns several patents, creating a unique portfolio of innovative products and system solutions to increase the level of safety.

MG International Fragrance Company is exporting to 72 countries 

MG International Fragrance Company, founded in 1961 by Misel Gulcicek; It manufactures inspirations and references from nature with its state-of-the-art integrated facility in a framework that respects the nature, with a quality that complies with high standards, with a local and international vision in harmony with its environment, with a human-oriented and result-oriented, sustainable perspective.
MG International Fragrance Company, which has adopted the reputation and loyalty values ​​as a principle for generations, aims to increase its reputation all over the world by carrying the 'Made in Turkey' label proudly and successfully with the title of the world's first integrated production facility with the highest capacity under one roof.
Exporting to 72 countries serving in the full capacity of MG International Fragrance Company, supplies nearly 4000 manufacturers in Turkey and around the world. Having the second place in Turkey's Top 500 Industrial Enterprises, the company prioritises its employees, provides safe and healthy environment, and has a primarily human-centric approach to business conditions and the working environment in accordance with the highest technological equipment.

9.Septembar tissue converter machines are being used in 40 countries

 Tissue Converting company 9. Septembar, successfully operates worldwide at 4 continents, in over 40 countries, from New Zealand, through Africa, Asia and Europe, to the South and North America.
Designing its customized machines according to customer needs, the company gives importance to customer needs and offers tailor-made solutions that have become their slogans.
The success of the company, which has been serving in the sector for more than 38 years, comes from its traditions. You are invited to meet with durable machines equipped with the latest reliable technology, flexible circuits and functional electronics, made according to customer requests of 9 Septembar.

Aktul Kagit is focusing on quality

Aktul Kagit prioritise the quality above everything and it has been certified Quality Management Systems for the first year of their production. For Aktul Kagit; quality is the value offered to the customer and their respect for them.
Meeting the consumer expectations with toilet paper, paper towels, napkins and tissue products; Aktul Kagit produces high-quality and hygienic products with advanced technology in the categories of Consumer Products, Out of Home Use, Private Label. In addition, it can produce all kinds of cleaning paper semi-products in order to meet the demand.
Aktul Kagit acts with the mission of producing hygienic cleaning paper that is environment friendly, quality and making a difference, by using resources efficiently with high technology and modern production-management systems to meet the expectations of its customers and stakeholders.

ICM Makina is prioritising engineering and R&D activities 

ICM is a family business with the sectoral experience of the entrepreneur Ulusoy Family, which has been producing paper napkins since 1967. It was founded in 1995 by the second generation of the family, with the vision of being a leading company that presents its machines with its own design to the world market, by prioritising engineering and R&D studies.
ICM, which produces converting machines for the production of tissue paper with the mission of being a profitable organization that produces low-cost high-tech and high-quality machines that constantly research and develops.
It manufactures and markets globally their own designs of Paper Napkin Machines, Toilet Paper Machines, Z-Fold Dispenser Towel Machines, Embossing Machines, Embossing Rollers. 

The sustainability strategy of Lila Group

Lila Paper which became operational in 2007 with the paper and converting (converting roll paper into a consumption group product) facility established in an area of 100.000m2 in total has reached a capacity of 150.000 ton in paper manufacturing by means of its new investment completed in January 2012 and has became the biggest paper manufacturing facility under a single campus in Turkey and also in Eastern Europe, Middle East, Caucasus and African regions.
Lila Paper is aiming to be the leader in the cleaning paper market in Turkey with its innovative, high-quality and assertive products that it manufactures through the latest Technologies.
Accordingly, while Lila Paper meets the expectations of consumers in the best way through its range of products including toilet paper, paper towel, paper napkin and paper tissue gathered under Sofia, Maylo and Berrak brands, it is working to satisfy the needs of Customers through high-quality, reliable and affordable products in away from home market with Nua Professional brand. Aiming to become one of top 100 companies in sustainable growth and giving more values to all stakeholders in 2023, Lila Paper has a vision of producing innovative products with latest technology and being the market leader in quality and paper in Turkish tissue market.

Point Makina, Turkey's leading tissue paper
production lines

Point Makina, which was established in 2015 to manufacture tissue paper garment machines. It is engaged in the production of paper machines by prioritizing engineering and R&D studies.
Using its own design; the company manufactures and markets Napkin Machines, Toilet Paper and Towel Winding Machines, Coil Slitting and Winding Machines, Bobbin Machines, Dispenser Towel Machines, Paper-Nylon Lamination Machines to the world.
Point Makina, which is constantly improving its processes in order to maintain customer satisfaction at the highest level and to meet the customer needs with competencies and principles, provides all kinds of spare parts to the paper industry with its expert staff and technical infrastructure.