Ready for Reinvention, Ripe for Disruption: Will the 20s Roar for Tissue?

Conference Theme


Ready for Reinvention, Ripe for Disruption - Will the 20s Roar for Tissue?

The 2020s will be full of opportunities and unpredictable challenges. If change seems rapid now, the pace will only increase, with geopolitical, technical, legislative and behavioral factors among many likely to impact the way we do things. If disruption is on the horizon, can you turn it to your advantage?  

At the dawn of the decade the Tissue World Miami conference brings fresh, critical and creative perspectives for America’s tissue businesses. On the first day of the conference, expect inspiration and interaction on: 

Resilience – supply side volatility and risk with a focus on fiber supply; human risk factors such as attracting and retaining skills; reliance on supplier knowledge as opposed on in-house skill; cyber security – the vulnerabilities which increase with greater connectivity. 

Operational Game Changers – change drivers such as sustainability, including the need to ditch single-use plastic, its implications through the supply chain, and the potential gains from upgrading; assessing the ROI possibilities of upgrading America’s tissue-making assets; managing change – from evolving routes to market to technological adaptation enforced by external factors such as legislation and customer demand.

Buyer Expectations – trends and forecasts; the contrasting shopper propositions of in-store vs. online; AfH – the rise of e-commerce and the challenge of cut-price entrants.

From pulp to “cheater sheets”, from aging to connected assets, from innovating securely to managing change, Tissue World Miami has its finger on the pulse of the issues shaping the industry’s future. An unparalleled line-up of experts will deliver a day of thought-provoking and actionable insights for leaders and influencers in the world of tissue.  

Following the first day focused on strategic issues are two days of intense technical sessions, covering the entire value chain, and the indispensable Yankee workshop. Added to the world-class exhibitors in the show arena and the ultimate networking opportunity, it’s an event not to be missed.