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DAY 2, MARCH 12, 12:00 pm – 12:20 pm

Final Solution for Tissue Lamination: “MarryShoe Roll”
Memo Biagiotti, engineer,  BMT s.r.l., Italy

MarryShoe Roll is a roll that can be easily installed in any NESTED Embosser in place of the Marrying Roll  and, contrary to this, allows to obtain a very long NIP even having a surface hardness very High (up to 65 ShD): this characteristic makes the plies to be laminated to stay under pressure for a time longer than usual even with low values of pressure.
This gives the following advantages:
1.            Completely eliminates any trace of re-embossing on the inner face of laminated web.
2.            Largely elongates the time during which the plies are pressed.

With the following possible consequences:
•             Higher web thickness, experienced up to 3,8%.
•             Bigger roll diameter with same paper.
•             Same roll diameter with smaller core diameter, experienced down of 12%, with reduction of cost for cardboard.
•             Same roll diameter with less paper with possible saving of hundreds of reels in a year.
•             Same roll diameter with lower paper grammage with possible saving of hundreds of reels in a year.
•             Increased roll firmness for more efficient converting.
•             Capability to laminate at higher speeds, experienced up to 18%, with proportional increase of line turnover.
•             Reduction of glue quantity used, experienced down to zero, only pure water, also with 3 plies paper.

In general the MarryShoe Roll works so well that all users say they forgot it’s existence, they can make any kind of product, 2,3 ,4 and 5 plies, without touching it, while a traditional Marrying Roll needs a dedicated fine tuning for each product. 

DAY 2, MARCH 12, 12:40 pm – 1 pm

An Innovative Helical Yankee Hood Design for Improved Profiling
Alfredo Sarli, Air Systems Applications Specialist, Valmet Ltd., Canada

The development of a new Yankee hood process began with careful identification of the needs of each area and segment of the drying system. The drying process was thus divided into the phases that were deemed necessary. 
The aim was to apply the most appropriate possible drying method to each of these phases. In tissue making, drying energy is required to heat the fiber up to the final sheet temperature, to heat up all the water that is in the sheet from the after-press temperature to the temperature required for evaporation, and to transform the evaporation into steam. 
On the basis of this analysis of the drying requirements, a new Yankee hood design emerged in which the nozzle geometry is in an innovative helical pattern which creates overlap in the impingement jets blowing on the sheet surface and thus minimizing the profiling issues inherent with traditional designs. 
The results which are attainable with the new hood drying strategy are, firstly, a 12% increase in drying volume, secondly, better drying quality when using helical profiling, but without any reduction in the quantity of dried tissue and, thirdly, balanced energy consumption. 
This new, innovative Yankee hood design is the result of development work based on needs identified through the value chain, starting from the consumer (i.e. the end customer). As a drying process supplier, we developed an evaluation system that takes into account these market values and needs. As a result we believe this new design is able to provide tissue makers with a Yankee hood that is capable of highly profitable operations, quality and quantity – all in a safe and clean environment.



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