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Interdependencies in today’s global market are driving us towards a knowledge based economy.
To understand interdependencies, we need to compare expertise from our mature industry with fast moving trends influencing the wider economy.

As the leading event series in the Tissue industry for 25 years, Tissue World provides a hub for this knowledge generation and transfer.
At the Tissue World Miami Conference in 2018, we will evolve our event model to address these developments under the theme.


When Best in Class isn’t Good Enough  
Identifying Hidden Dynamics to Optimize Business Performance

Designed for business leaders across Tissue’s diverse value-chain, the Tissue World Miami 2018 conference program will identify and examine diverse variables that can make or break company fortunes.

Combining and connecting the complex web of interactions, from shifts in global trade and trends, to tissue market forces, to core operations inside production facilities, our re-formatted program will provide expert insight to help shape business strategy.

The Tissue World Miami 2018 conference will:

  • Map and discuss key impacts on business performance;
  • Provide “deep dive” sessions that focus on specific perspectives according to company focus and that compare the outlook of manufacturers, suppliers and retailers;
  • Promote dialogue across the value-chain;
  • Connect external market and societal changes to tissue technology innovation.

​​Join us in Miami Beach on March 20-23, 2018!


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