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Show Floor Tech Talk: Jeff Carr


Jeff Carr
Executive Vice President of Sales
International Knife & Saw Inc. (IKS), USA

Jeff Carr is the Executive Vice President of Sales for International Knife & Saw Inc. (IKS) a global leader in providing cutting and wear solutions to the converting industry.
Jeff has over 30 years’ experience working with Tissue and Paper converting companies who have continued to reach out to him for help in designing and managing sustainable programs that deal with the most difficult cutting tool applications. His expertise in delivering operating efficiencies in the mills through custom designed Best Practices which are recognized as industry benchmarks in terms of supporting the reduction of the total cost per cut.
Over his career Jeff has been instrumental in delivering hard dollar cost savings initiatives (CIs) to the mills. These events can easily be measured to determine accurate cost reductions and ROI. In just over the past two years Jeff and his technical team have documented and delivered over $5m in CI to multiple tissue and towel converters.
Jeff holds a BBA degree from the University of Cincinnati.

Show Floor Tech Talks

March 22, 2018 | 1:00 pm– 1:15 pm

Log Saw Grinding System

International Knife & Saw has developed a replacement grinding system for the OEM log saw machines for the tissue converting industry. These benefits include safety, reduced cost per cut, and high-performance gains from the log saw.

Improved Safety:
- Eliminates the need to reach around the saw blade to make adjustments
- Less interaction with the system equals fewer trips into the log saw housing

Closer grinding wheel contact points:
- Greatly reduces or eliminates blade scalloping
- Requires less grinding pressure
- Reduces deflection in the blade while grinding
- Removable preset grinding cartridges
- Stones can be changed out in less than 1 min each
- Reduced down time to change grinding wheels
- Pressure is preset for better consistency in set up from operator to operator
- Lower maintenance cost