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Jordan Rost


Jordan Rost
VP Consumer Insights
Nielsen, USA

Jordan Rost is VP of Consumer Insights for Nielsen. He leads a team of thought leaders whose work explores emerging trends, shifting buying behaviours and evolving shopper dynamics. Rost is often cited in business, trade and consumer press and regularly shares insights via Nielsen reports, industry talks and directly with Nielsen’s partners and clients. Prior to his time at Nielsen, Jordan most recently spent nearly a decade at Google, where he led brand and retail consumer insights, trends and thought leadership.

Business and Management Day

What’s in Store: 2018 and Beyond

It’s been a year of eye-opening change for U.S. fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) manufacturers and retailers. Consumers are shopping across a wider array of channels and e-commerce is taking a bigger piece of the pie. Shoppers are looking at all of the products they buy with more scrutiny and an eye towards transparency and sustainability. Across fast-moving consumer goods, nowhere are these forces converging more than with tissue and paper buying. To get to tomorrow, you can't just repeat what got you to today. So, how do you plan for tomorrow? In this session we'll discuss:

• What does the growth of e-commerce means for tissue and paper?
• What motivates consumers to buy in-store vs. online and one brand vs. another?
• How does the brand landscape differ online vs. in-store?
• How does the transparency-minded consumer shop for tissue and paper?