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Patrick Boateng


Patrick Boateng
Leader - Global Sourcing
The Kroger Co., USA

Patrick Boateng has extensive knowledge in Consumer Products Manufacturing, Sales & Marketing, Supply Management and over 17 years’ experience in the consumer products industry. He was the recipient of the Ohio Minority Supplier Development Council "Corporate Buyer of the Year 2016" award for his contribution to the growth of supply-chain diversity by providing ongoing mentoring, coaching and supplier development support to current and potential suppliers. He earned a Master’s degree in Marketing and Communication from Franklin University, USA.

Business and Management Day

Today’s Retail Realities – What Does it Take to Compete?

The sky-high expectations of today’s consumer have created a revolution in the retail industry, driving changes at an unrelenting pace.

As consumers want it all, and want their needs met right now, the challenge facing retailers is how to position their business to offer a seamless experience and connect with customers in person and online.

This presentation will focus on how manufacturers and suppliers in the tissue paper industry can engage their retail customer by providing additional value - not only in terms of price but also great convenience and exceptional customer service.

We will use examples of “When Best in Class Wasn’t Good Enough”, to illustrate the full value chain retailers consider when making key purchasing decisions.