Show Floor Tech Talk: Pete Angle


Pete Angle
Paper & Tissue Account Manager

Pete has an extensive background in sales with a concentration in vision and camera systems, industrial equipment, process automation, and systems integration. The bulk of his professional sales career, 18 years, has been in camera and vision system technologies for industrial applications. As the Paper & Tissue Account Manager for ISRA VISION, he promotes and sells PAPERMASTER Process Improvement Systems for the Paper and Tissue Industry of North America. Before coming onboard with ISRA, Pete was the European Sales Manager for 20/20 Hindsight and worked with food and beverage, pharmaceutical and medical devices, beauty care, baby care, and other global consumer products manufacturers. In the industrial equipment market, he was a Sales Engineer for Carotek Inc. representing their Mechanical Products, Systems Integration, and Mechanical Integration Divisions. Pete’s start in camera system technologies began as a Key Account Manager for ECS. He has managed key accounts and developed new business in packaging, pulp and paper, and converting industries and encourages the sharing of knowledge and experience to develop effective and value added solutions to meet the customer’s needs.

Show Floor Tech Talks

March 22, 2018 | 1:20 pm – 1:35pm

Tissue & Converting Machine Efficiency Improvement System

A significant opportunity in tissue production is to increase machine speeds and reduce downtime due to sheet breaks and improve production efficiency in converting. The solution is comprised of 3 parts and each part alone provides a limited value to improve tissue production capability. The sum of the parts results in a compelling and synergistic approach to considerably improve and benchmark a mill’s performance.

The three components of the system are integrated into a single solution. The solution drives the implementation of each system component within the mill for improved total machine efficiency. Having only one component of the solution reduces the value and significance of the other components, allowing the possibility of not realizing the full value of the complete solution.

The solution’s value is improving tissue machine and tissue converting efficiency, including off machine tissue quality. The full system accurately communicates, across the tissue mill production, transferring knowledge of how specific process adjustments improve quality with objective and quantifiable data. The complete tissue production improvement system cultivates corporate understanding of where investments and resources can be directed for final product quality and overall equipment efficiency.