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Rodger Baker


Rodger Baker
Vice President of Strategic Analysis
Stratfor, USA

Rodger Baker leads Stratfor's analysis of East Asia and the Pacific and guides the company's global forecasting process. A Stratfor analyst since 1997, he has played a pivotal role in developing and refining the company's analytical process, internal training programs and geopolitical framework.
Mr. Baker uses this framework and global expertise to provide keynote speeches and targeted presentations in support of industry events and corporate gatherings. On a global scale, he focuses on geopolitical trends, the forces shaping the direction of international relations, economic exchange, and conflict and cooperation. Building on strategic geopolitical forecasts, he assesses the implications for specific sectors, industries or states, identifying both risks and opportunities that are relevant to Stratfor’s clients.

Business and Management Day

China’s Industrial Strategy – Outlook and Implications

President Xi Jinping has presented his ambitious vision for “China’s Dream”, but what will it mean for businesses in the rest of the world trading with China? This presentation will focus on China’s industrial strategy, highlighting the elements business leaders should be aware of when looking at supply-chains, buying from, and selling to, China. We will also look at how China’s strategy may manifest itself in short to medium-term policy shifts.