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Suzanne Blanchet


Suzanne Blanchet
Strategic Advisor

Suzanne Blanchet is well known for her vast experience in the Paper Industry.
She has worked for the Cascades Group for more than 30 years and until June 2017.
President and CEO of Cascades Tissue Group from 1997 to 2014, she then held a Senior Vice President position, being responsible for Cascade Corporate Development from 2015 to 2017. She put in place the innovation team and processes as well as many strategies for the Cascades Group.
She is currently working as a Strategic Advisor for different public and/or private corporations, and sits on various boards of directors, such as Agropur, the largest dairy cooperative in North America, EEQ (Éco Entreprises Québec), Atis Group as well as CIFQ (Quebec Forest Industry Council).
Ms. Blanchet is recognized for her strong business and entrepreneurial acumen and for her inspirational leadership. She is studied in accounting Sciences at the University of Quebec in Trois-Rivières and is also accredited by the Institute of Certified Directors (ICD. D). She has won many prestigious awards but one of her most precious and memorable ones was is in 2015 when she was awarded an honorary doctorate by a Quebec University, l’UQO. Her major contribution as a pioneer in sustainable development and her innovative approaches for the paper industry were thus recognized.

Business and Management Day

A New NAFTA - What's Next?

With complex multilateral trade negotiations following unpredictable timelines, this session will bring attendees up to speed on the latest status and outlook on the NAFTA renegotiations. In particular, we will examine potential supply-chain impacts, areas of volatility, who the winners and losers might be, and how businesses can navigate the changes.
Also in focus will be the nature of negotiation process and the approaches taken by each government – should we expect reconciliation or retaliation? Lastly, how might consumer attitudes change as a result of the new deal.