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Dynamix Duo V: Napkin Production Line

Tissue World Magazine

The latest Napkin Production Line: Dynamix Duo V. is made of one unwinder and one embossing section, but two folding units and four transport channels. This cost-effective solution requires minimum downtime during the change of paper roll or embossing roller, but offers a double capacity of the single line.

Dynamix Duo V delivers fast changeovers and consistency of converting process, resulting in high productivity with total production output up to 4000 napkins per minute. Thanks to several unique solutions, reliability and superb quality of final products are guaranteed.

Exhibited by: 9.Septembar - Tissue Converting

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PrimeLineTIAC - Tissue Innovation and Application Center

Tissue World Magazine

The PrimeLineTIAC – Tissue Innovation and Application Center features the latest tissue technology - from fiber technology to the tissue machine, pumps and automation (incl. process optimization) - focusing on energy-efficient and high-quality tissue production. Tissue producers, pulp producers, suppliers to the tissue industry and R&D institutes can book the center for trials and networking.

The tissue machine features numerous configurations to test the production of dry-crepe, textured and structured (TAD tissue). A conventional CrescentFormer, a vertical CrescentFormer (new ANDRITZ AG patented product), a C-Wrap Former, a shoe press, a steel Yankee, and TAD modules with different drying options are available for tissue trials.

Exhibited by: ANDRITZ AG

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BATP® Biologic Active Tissue Paper

BBA Biotech

BATP®, exclusive biotechnology designed for Tissue Paper and applied to tissue paper in converting, the first complete product that cleans pipes and septic tanks directly from the toilet to degrade and reduce organic pollutants.
The synergy of selected GOOD, natural and harmless microorganisms applied on TISSUE PAPER to transform TRADITIONAL COMMODITY in BIOACTIVE SPECIALTY that activates in contact with wastewater and naturally:

-Eliminates unpleasant odors and biodegrades incrustations

-Avoids clogging risks

-Reduces purging operations, keeps pipes and sewerage clean

-Contrasts pathogens growth and leads to more hygiene

BATP® transforms an everyday-gesture in environmental-friendly lifestyle and promotes wastewater treatment.

Exhibited by: BBA Biotech

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Bamboo Kitchen Paper

BBA Biotech

As our new products which has lauched from January, bamboo kitchen paper has better water absorption and better toughness than other sanitary paper.

Exhibited by: Chengdu RongCheng Paper Co.,Ltd

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CPS452 – CPS808 – CPS600/660 Packaging Solutions

BBA Biotech

CPS Company (Cassoli Packaging Solutions), can offer innovative and environmentally friendly packaging solutions at a low production cost and with a very high quality of finished product.

The secondary packaging revolution has finally come! It is called “Pull Technology” and this milestone allows our customers to implement these features:
- Greater production speed
- Save from 20% up to 40% packing material for each single package
- "Built-in System" to use printed film
- Customizable bag tightness
- No need to use any shrinking tunnel
- Footprint of less than 12 square meters
Cassoli, with CPS Company, has written a new chapter that will revolutionize the industry with a whole new range of Secondary Pull Wrapper.

Exhibited by: CPS COMPANY SRL

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SmartScan: On-line contactless and single sided microwave meter


SmartScan™ is the first on-line contactless and single sided microwave meter that functions with a non-radioactive principle designed to measure sheet consistency/moisture on paper and pulp machines. The system is based. on a unique microwave technology & algorithm, which allows precise consistency measurements of the sheet moisture.

It is designed to overcome the typical limitations of the NIR sensors (near-infrared) such as weak penetration, sensitivity to color, topography of the paper and multiple calibration curve requirements.

SmartScan™ calibration is universal for all grades, supplying real data of sheet moisture to the machine DCS/MCS system for easy consistency calculations.

Exhibited by: Cristini North America inc.

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450 Fully-automatic high speed toilet roll/kitchen towel production line


450 fully automatic high speed toilet roll/kitchen towel production line,equipped with new type stereo embossing unit,glue-free tail sealer,paper tail angle adjusting unit,coreless roll log saw with automatic ends screening function

Exhibited by: Foshan Nanhai Dechangyu Paper Machinery Manufacture

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Draco Smart Dispenser: Interconnected dispensers for the modern restroom


State of the art interconnected dispensers for the modern restroom and instantly dispenses a single towel after hand wash when activated to achieve the perfect washroom experience. Connect devices on a maximum of 16 channels. Achieves paper savings of up to 15%.

Exhibited by: Draco Hygienic Products

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Flexible E-Commerce SR 3600 Case Packer: Advanced robotic mixed-product case packing solution


An advanced robotic mixed-product case packing solution that delivers the speed and flexibility required for e-commerce fulfillment. It's capable of handling a variety of case sizes and pack patterns to suit your application.

This new system demonstrates the power of Edson, manufacturing and integrating best-in-class automation, robotics, and leading-edge components.

Exhibited by: Edson Packaging Machinery

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Festo Motion Terminal, VTEM


The Motion Terminal is a revolutionary product that will allow users to replace up to 50 components. Among some of the features are flow controls, proportional pressure regulation, leakage diagnostics and more, all in one platform. The Motion Terminal is easily integrated into existing pneumatic systems and can also be used to improve future designs. Commissioning can be done over an embedded Web Server and parameters can also be pushed from a higher order controller over Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT, PROFINET, and PROFIBUS.

Exhibited by: Festo

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Pilot Tissue Machine: A Pilot Tissue Machine at your disposition in North America

FP Innovation

Most Flexible paper machine for development, optimization of process and equipment.

FPInnovations makes available to the industry and to its suppliers the world's most flexible pilot machine, in order to carry out confidential contracts:
• Product evaluation and development: pulp composition, creping chemicals, multilayer sheet forming, additives, fillers, dry and wet strength, softeners and process chemicals, development of temporary wet strength
• Process & equipment evaluation: high temperature drying, web transfer, drying energy reduction, felts and fabrics assessment, formation and retention, cleaning agents, creping blade analysis, enzymes.

Exhibited by: FPInnovations

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Auto-Dilution System and Laminating adhesive solution

 HB Fuller

HB Fuller is proud to offer our next generation Auto-Dilution System (ADS) with the capability of adding a 3 component to your adhesive, such as a dye. The ADS is capable of making 480 KGs of ready-for-use adhesive per hour. It is a fully automatic system, very accurate, and has been very successful in the market. The primary focus for the ADS is to make down laminating adhesive, such as HB Fuller’s TT3005. This equipment and adhesive combination can allow you to maximize your laminating application performance while reducing cost and labor.

Exhibited by: HB Fuller

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