Lütfi Aydın

Global Tissue Production Director, Hayat Kimya, Turkey

Biography: After completion of primary school and high school in Eskisehir, Mr. Aydin graduated from the University as Electronic Technical Teacher. Before Military Service Lütfi Aydın worked for 4 years at Etibank
Kirka Boraks facilities as Erection Supervisor. After this, Mr. Aydin startedhis career at Toprak Kagıt Tissue mill as Maintenance Engineer in 1984. At that time, Toprak Kağıt was the biggest tissue manufacturer in Turkey with an annual production of 27 000 tpa tissue and 50 000 tpa of P&W paper. In 1994, during 1.5 years Mr. Aydin worked for Measurex-Turkey as Service Manager. Returning to Toprak Kagıt as production Manager from 1995 to 2000. Between 2000-2004 Mr. Aydin started to work in Modern Karton Plant which is the biggest corrugating paper producer in Turkey.

Early 2004 Lütfi Aydın started to work Hayat Kimya Tissue Project and started the first tissue paper plant in Yeniköy (İzmit-Turkey) early 2006. Up to now, Mr. Aydin finished another 7 TM Project. TM2 in the İzmit (existing location), TM3 in İran, TM4 in Russia Federation (Yelabuga), TM5 in Turkey (Mersin location), TM6 in Egypt  (Sokhna), TM7 again in Russia Federation (Yelabuga) and we  will  start-up the 8th TM project in Turkey (Mersin), the 9th TM Project in Russia Federation (Kaluga) by the end of 2021.  At present Mr. Aydin is responsible for those 7 Tissue production plants as Global Paper Production Director. Mr. Aydin is married and has 2 daughters.