KEYNOTE ANNOUNCEMENT: Dino Bianco, Chief Executive Officer, Kruger Products | Full programme live in January 2022

Tissue World Miami 2022 Conference Themes Announced

COVID-19 has disrupted our horizons, creating economic and social challenges as well as bringing about unexpected, but sustainable, opportunities. The pace of change has increased, with geopolitical, technical, legislative and behavioral drivers among many likely to impact the way we do things.

At Tissue World Miami next March, the industry will come together, in-person, to hear from key professionals and learn from the experts on the fast-moving trends impacting the tissue industry and wider economy. 

Keynote Announcement:

We're delighted to announce that Dino Bianco, Chief Executive Officer, Kruger Products will be a keynote speaker at the 2022 Conference. Mr. Bianco has served as Chief Executive Officer of Kruger Products since March 2018, and prior to this had an accomplished and highly successful career as President of Kraft Canada gaining senior experience in finance, sales, marketing and management.

The full Conference Programme will be live in January 2022.

Tissue Today & Forever

Drivers and Strategies for a Sustainable Future

This is the Conference theme and will frame the content of this special 3-day event. In the morning sessions of March 16 and 17, the Conference will feature the Senior Management Symposium with a series of presentations and high-level panel discussions on key performance variables, including those that sit outside the direct influence of the Tissue business.

The Conference will look at 4 key sub-topics around driving drivers and strategies for a sustainable future (outlined below).

Key Sustainability Topics Include

Drawing the Roadmap for Success

A tissue industry leader, alongside a marketing and branding specialist, will identify and share the key attributes to help you  develop successful, innovative strategies.

Addressing Supply Side Volatility
and Risk

Addressing and dissecting the key inputs and external factors which set the agenda for tissue businesses.

Planning for Business Sustainability

From environmental sustainability to skills retention, the factors for which resilient businesses need a plan.

Staying Ahead
of Buyer Expectations

Informed vision rather than guesswork will define tomorrow’s winners when it comes responding to, and creating, expectations among domestic and professional consumers.

The Technical Sessions

The Technical Sessions will focus on key developments in Fiber, Converting, Energy and Innovations. Industry peers will present best practices, address challenges and provide solutions to Tissue paper production through short and tangible presentations.

These sessions will provide an interactive forum to give more opportunity for the audience of tissue leaders and key stakeholders to shape the debate.

Yankee Dryer Workshop

Before the grand opening of the conference and exhibition on the 16th March will be the indispensable Yankee Dryer Operations Workshop. The Workshop will present an expert panel of speakers via an interactive seminar that will discuss, highlight and examine the continuous improvements being made to one of the most essential parts of tissue machinary.

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Top Reasons to Attend

Spark innovation in your business strategy through inspiring presentations delivered by experts.

Be part of powerful, highly interactive and practical sessions that address real issues affecting the tissue industry.

Hear about new approaches, new ideas and alternative angles on how your company can improve resilience.

Connect with top-level executives and decision-makers throughout the conference and networking functions.

This is more than a conference: it gives you solutions, makes you reflect and exchange ideas with your peers.