The Conference Agenda

The theme of this years Conference is Tissue Today & Forever, Drivers and Strategies for a Sustainable Future. The Conference theme will frame the content of this special 3-day event, and includes the ever-popular Yankee Dryer Workshop taking place the day before the grand opening of the event on the 16th March.

Yankee Dryer Operations Workshop

Tuesday 15th March 2022

13:30 - 13:50

Yankee Inspections: Regular and Event-Based

A well-maintained Yankee offers a high potential for improved runability and efficient production. Yankee suppliers take care of proper sizing, dimensioning and all required pressure vessel tests to meet the requirements according to the local pressure vessel regulations or even more strict internal guidelines. As soon as the Yankee is in operation, the responsibility moves towards the operating mill. All tissue producers have different standards, routines and experiences in Yankee inspection.

Franz Harrer, Head of Technology & Customer Care Manager | Andritz, Austria

Riccardo Pierini, Customer Care Manager | Andritz, Italy

13:50 - 14:10

Know your Yankee Inside and Out: Operational Services Review

Operating the Yankee Dryer safely and efficiently should be the goal of all engineers involved with this critical asset, whether as producer, OEM or supplier. In this paper, Voith, Toscotec and BTG PROservices group review the range of on-line and shut down diagnostics available to the Yankee owner. These include observational diagnostics, such as on-the-run thermal and topography mapping and a range of shutdown inspections from head tilt to press load verification to internals. With reference to real-life cases, we show how a holistic approach to troubleshooting can correct paper defects, save energy and reduce chatter risk and the need for unplanned regrinds. The authors will propose a planned diagnostic schedule aligned with TAPPI YDSC maintenance guidelines to help the owner maintain the most cost-effective and safest of Yankee operations.

Daniel Schoeps, Global Product Manager Tissue | Voith, Germany

Ian Padley, Global Solutions Team Manager-Tissue | BTG Eclépens, Switzerland

14:10 - 14:30

Chrome-free Yankee Cylinder Metallizing Coating for the Safety of People and the Environment

Valmet has developed a chrome-free Yankee cylinder coating, Valmet Infinikote-2 Yankee Metallizing, to improve work safety in the coating process and sustainability of the coating as well as to comply with potential future legislation both in the EU and the US. The new coating is the environmentally safest Yankee metallizing coating available. Chromium is a fundamental component of almost every ferrous based hard-facing alloy. Having recognized the potential risks associated with the thermal spraying of materials containing any chrome, Valmet started the development of a new generation 100% chrome-free product.

The primary performance objectives were to remove the environmental and safety concerns associated with thermally sprayed products contain­ing chrome and to apply the thermal coating with a similar process to current whilst creating a suitable surface for tissue production. Valmet's new Yankee cylinder metallizing alloy contains no chromium-bearing constituents. In addition to being chromium-free, the new coating also boasts the following improvements: reduced fuming during its application, increased heat conductivity which facilitates a minimum impact on the paper drying. It also provides a tougher and more wear-resistant surface which prolongs the expected lifetime of the cylinder.

All this whilst keeping the microporosity on the same level as Infinikote-1 provides an excellent surface for best adhesion to the chemistries applied and of course the paper making.

Thomas Kallerdahl, Operations Manager | Valmet Yankee Services, UK

14:30 - 14:50

Safe Yankee Operation - Key Parameters

Most TM operators are confident in operating their YD. The experience has been shown in recent years that for more than 50% of the operators, the set parameters do not correspond to the actual parameters on the machine – especially the contact (NIP) pressure of the press roll(s). In this presentation, we will show the influence of the contact (NIP) pressure on the economic operation of the TM and on the operational safety of the YD - and describe a corresponding solution for economic and safe operation at the highest efficiency and performance.

Matthew Smith, Diagnostic Service Specialist | msquared, USA

14:50 - 15:30

Coffee & Networking Break

Catch up with friends and colleagues and expand your tissue industry network.

15:30 - 17:00

Interactive Problem Solving Workshop

Potential troubleshooting subjects can include:

  • Doctor chop – analysis and prevention.
  • SYD inspection frequencies – differences from cast iron. 
  • Doctor setting SYD vs cast iron.
  • Minimizing operational runout (TIR) 
  • Yankee bearing failures – what if it’s not lubrication? 
  • Pressure roll load testing – methods and frequency? 
  • Head tilt 0.030” on a circa 1970 cast iron yankee having no OEM head tilt baseline data. 
  • Total indicated runout 0.018” on a circa 1995 cast iron yankee running tissue grades. 
  • Total indicated runout 0.009” on a circa 2020 steel yankee. Embedded full-shell UT indications on centerline of a cast yankee derated to 80psi

Session and Workshop Moderator: Jeffrey C. Peters, Tissue Applications Manager | BTG, USA

Session and Workshop Moderator: John Holton, Customer Service Coordinator & Technical Support | Toscotec North America, USA

End of day