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Speaker: Paolo DellaNegra


Paolo DellaNegra, Manager of Sales department, Valmet, has a degree in Engineering (Industrial Technology and Management) obtained at Udine University. He has long experience from the energy sector both in Valmet and other companies. In Valmet he has worked as Manager of Product Management department and Manager of R&D and product development department. His expertise is in Yankee hood technology, ventilation air system and the tissue drying process.

Technical Session 4: Improvements and Innovations - Efficiency Enhancing and Energy Saving Technologies 

A new perspective on cogeneration towards a higher energy efficiency

12 April 2017, 09:40 – 10:00

Cogeneration, the combined production of electrical and thermal energy obtained by the same primary source, has become a well-established technology in tissue production. Of the Tissue machine heat needs, only the steam production is typically covered by the cogeneration.

The real game changer in energy efficiency comes from the utilization of the gas turbine exhaust gases directly for tissue drying. The gas turbine exhaust flue gases, naturally clean and odourless, can be directly conveyed to the drying process of either conventional, textured or structured products. Thanks to the typical heat to power ratio of the gas turbines which matches the tissue machine’s, the cogeneration fulfils both the thermal and electrical needs of the tissue production. The energy efficiency of the global system is increased and energy costs are drastically reduced.

In the light of the above, Valmet and Solar Turbines (and its subsidiary Turbomach) have been forming a cooperation agreement in 2016 to further develop their common activities in the integrated cogeneration field applied to the tissue production process.

Their strength resides in the experience acquired over time and in the deep knowledge of both processes - tissue production and drying, and cogeneration.

The innovative concept of “tailor-made” cogeneration that covers most of a tissue machine energy requirements, as well as a successful case history, will be presented.