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Speaker: Carlos Hernán Llanos Acosta


Carlos Hernán Llanos Acosta graduated as chemical engineer specialized in pulp and paper at Universidad del Valle (Colombia) and has a MBA degree in Business Management at FGV (Brazil). He worked with Nalco for 20 years as Technical Sales Rep. in Colombia and Brazil, servicing pulp mills, fine paper mills and most Tissue Mills in Latin America. During the last 11 years he worked as industrial technical manager and industrial development manager for Latin America. His main responsibilities were introducing and supporting new technologies focused on improving tissue paper and productivity. His current responsibility as sales manager for Latin America at BTG is to manage and support all BTG´s technologies related to tissue paper manufacturing with focus in wet end and creping processes. Carlos is leading several projects for increasing productivity, improving softness and monitoring Yankee dryers’ health.


1 June 2017

Sustainable Results with Value Driven Solutions

In our rapidly growing, highly competitive market place for tissue services and products, manufacturers are facing the challenge of delivering innovative and high quality products with a lower price.  The traditional approach of reducing cost by demanding price reduction from suppliers is near its limits.  Major investments for structural optimization in energy consumption, improvement in quality and production enhancement require several layers of approvals and deeper analysis because of volatility in political and economy environment. Some of the world class producers  and new players have made the smart decision of optimizing productive time by implementing simple changes in the manufacturing process that do not require high investment, have short payback and generate great value. It is the purpose of this paper to share some of most recent and innovative technologies that combined,  allow tissue makers to reduce lost time and increase machine efficiency focusing to the Creping process. By measuring and controlling most critical variables of creping, the root cause of time losses can be identified and eliminated.  Based on tissue makers requests, BTG has designed packages of solutions that avoid operational tasks usually associated to lost time.  BTG´s technologies has brought flexibility to areas where in the past any change required high investment in time and money.