Showcase your talent and product excellence at the Tissue World magazine Mill Awards

Mill Awards

Showcase your talent and product excellence at the Tissue World magazine Mill Awards

An initiative by Tissue World magazine to celebrate and recognize years of tissue paper production and innovation by mills across North America.

In November, Tissue World Miami will celebrate the Mill Awards for the second time in North America. Our industry is full of innovation, whether it’s new creative products, designs, marketing campaigns, digital campaigns, sustainable initiatives, or packaging innovations, it is tough to keep track!

That is why the Tissue Mill Awards are there to celebrate local and regional tissue mills and their product excellence.

There are two awards, each will have one winner. The winners will receive the awards at Tissue World Miami. 


2 Award Categories Now Open for Entry Submission

Most Energy-Aware Mill Award

The winner will need to stand out in terms of their sustainability efforts, how successful their energy reduction actions have been, as well as demonstrating how they have implemented a pioneering sustainability initiative at their mill.



The winner will be selected based on the following criteria:

- What energy/sustainable initiatives have you implemented in the past two years and what proof you have of how successful they have been;

- What environmental certifications do you have;

- How becoming more energy-efficient has made your company leaner and more productive;

- Environmentally-friendly products - provide two (2) examples and elaborate on why they should win this category.

Best Tissue Marketing Strategy Award

Tissue World magazine will look at a tissue mill’s marketing campaign for a single tissue product. This can describe any tissue product: From a wonderfully innovative Away-from-Home toilet roll to a smart and niche printed kitchen towel. Submissions should go into as much detail as possible in terms of the product’s design and marketing strategy, to outline what makes it so special.



The winner will be selected based on the following criteria:

- Best marketing one-liner! There are big points to be gained here. Is your marketing one-liner funny, smart, or encouraging the consumer to be environmentally aware? Tell us what line you are using to market your product and why you chose it;

- General marketing innovation – what you have done to market your product and why it has worked;

- Online presence – how you have marketed your product online and what examples do you have;

- Originality/uniqueness – why and how your product is an original product;

- Design – what new technical developments have been made;

- Evidence of sustainability - any environmental improvements, certifications at the mill, etc;

- Fun and creativity;

- The potential for long-lasting impact.



  • Any US tissue mill selling tissue products into the American marketplace can apply.

  • Applications can be submitted for one, or both awards.

  • The entries for either award will need to show they have met the category criteria as listed above; proof of this will help towards whether you are selected for the final winner or not.

  • All decisions made are final and a result of careful consideration from evidence provided by the companies as well as research by Tissue World magazine.



  • A 500-word (maximum) summary explaining how the campaigns (marketing or energy-aware) were completed, the equipment and marketing used, challenges posed, as well as details on the criteria for each entry

  • Any visual material that will help with judging, i.e. good quality photographs or videos of the products and of the digital marketing efforts, environmental certifications etc.



  • The winning submission will be made available on the Tissue World website;

  • Announcement of the winner at Tissue World Miami

  • Report in the show daily;

  • Onsite broadcast on Tissue World TV;

  • Exclusive write-up in the Tissue World magazine published after the event.