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Tissue World & Sustainability

The tissue industry has long been recognized for its commitment to sustainability, consistently leading the way towards a more environmentally friendly future.

At Tissue World, we share this dedication to sustainability, which is evident in the various initiatives integrated into our events.


  • Energy Efficiency: Daylight, LED lighting, and sensors cut electricity use.
  • Sustainable Design: Recycled materials, local sourcing, and 1,330 trees reduce heat impact.
  • Community Engagement: "Conventions C.A.R.E" aids nonprofits and reduces waste.
  • Recycling: Bins for cardboard, paper, plastic, and aluminum; swaps plastic bottles for aluminum in Miami Beach.
  • Sustainable Food: Sodexo Live! uses eco-friendly ware, donates excess food.
  • Composting: Turns organic waste into soil health aid.
  • Indoor Air Quality: Filters and CDC compliance ensure clean air.

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  • Accessibility: Accessible facilities include parking, sidewalks, restrooms, and elevators with automatic ADA doors. Wheelchairs are available at the Concierge Desk, and disabled parking is in the rooftop garage. Valet parking by First Class Parking Systems is provided.
  • Visually Impaired Support: Braille signs and the Aira smartphone app offer assistance.
  • Service Animals: ADA-recognized service animals are welcome if controlled.
  • Food Services: Menus feature allergen and dietary labels for easy selection
  • Event Badges: Plastic wallets for badges are eliminated. Lanyards are made from sustainable sources, with recycling bins provided for them. Badges are printed on recyclable paper.
  • Show Guide: Integrated into the magazine to save paper, locally printed to reduce emissions and transport costs. Pages are crafted from FSC-certified paper, ensuring responsible production and sourcing.
  • Informa Markets, the organisers of Tissue World, are spearheading our "Better Stands," initiative, which actively phases out disposable stands.
  • Reusable structures minimisze waste, expedite assembly and disassembly, lower costs, and facilitate investments in top-quality stands.
  • The diversity (i.e. Gender, Race, LGBTQIA+, Age) of our speakers is of high importance as part of the planning of the event, and we have achieved some diversity on every panel.
  • We are supporting the local community by encouraging our visitors to make the most out of local restaurants and sights to enjoy: https://www.tissueworld.com/miami/en/your-trip/location.html 
  • There is a unifying issue faced by all in the Tissue industry: how to consider and embody sustainability, specifically energy efficiency and decarbonization, throughout manufacturing processes. 
  • A common thread throughout the conference, these sessions will especially focus on the future of the tissue industry: 
    • Keynote Address: Crafting a Sustainable Future
    • Discover the Path to Energy Efficiency and Enhanced Production
    • Alternative approach to TAD production in the “Climate Change” era 
    • Decarbonizing Tissue – Progress and potential for the North American tissue industry 
    • Envisioning Carbon-Free Tissue Production
    • Outlook for Global Consumer Tissue and Opportunities amid New Consumer Reality
    • Tissue Workshop Presentation: Quantifying the Impact of Global Megatrends: A Deep Dive into Digitalization, Social Changes, Sustainability, and Their Effects on Fiber Technologies.

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Our Aims

Zero Carbon

Become carbon neutral as a business and across our events by 2025.

Reduce Waste

Halve the waste generated through our products and events by 2025.

Faster to Zero

Become zero waste and net zero carbon by 2030 or earlier.